President Taniguti Naoki

Founded in 1950 in Komatsu, the second largest city in Ishikawa Prefecture, located at the foot of the Hakusan Mountain Range. Since its inception, our business has been manufacturing industrial machines and construction parts. Recently, next-generation devices, such as environmental equipment, have begun to be developed.

The industry is constantly innovating and changing, but the core of our philosophy remains steady. Our motto is "Pride in Manufacturing", and as such, we aim to provide high quality products at affordable prices. We have provided high quality products with low cost and short delivery period. We overcome these situations with active and energetic man-power.
Our world-class manufacturing capability utilizes the human network and Japanese know-how in pursuit of the highest product performance and value.

Under conditions fostering creative thinking and ever improving technology, the superior product is born. By seriously integrating feedback, the company and, in turn, society, will grow.


Quality Policy - For our Customers

"Trust" your needs , "Challenge" us , "High technology focus"

We aim for relationship based on trust between the company and its customers. The manufactured product must be reliable when used in the field.
Hokuryo aims to create technologies that each single component inside the products will contribute to society. Our management has 60-year history of commitment to society with highest quality products.

We take pride in our ability to respond with flexibility to customers' needs and manufacture even in small lots.

Manufacturing Quality

Made in Hokuryo
We have been always running after our corporate motto, "the Best Specific Technology in Japan". Trained specialists solely to create superior technology, quality is strictly controlled and sincere priority always being with all customers. In today's rapidly changing market, our flexibility enables us to respond quickly to various needs. Our company technologies and management systems are always being upgraded in this circumstance. We keep delivering high quality products designed for use in various fields, through our own specific expertise. We hope that "MADE IN HOKURYO" technology will contribute to improvements in society, and we take pride in that concept.

Company History

Hokuryo was founded in 1950 as an auto repair company.
During the post war reconstruction period in Japan, Hokuryo expanded beyond auto repair to include maintenance and repair of construction equipments.
In response to its relevant demand, Hokuryo also began to produce parts for construction equipments.
This expansion included the development and production of original products, such as Sewer Pipe Maintenance Robots.
Today, Hokuryo has further expanded its scope to automobile repair, sales, and rest related field.
Hokuryo hopes to enter into the new business such as railroad vehicles and aircraft jet engine production in the future.